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Selling your property can be done for a number of reason
Selling your property can be done for a number of reasons: you may simply not have a use for the items anymore or you feel that you can get a better version elsewhere. When it comes to selling something of such importance as a mobile home or mobile home park, the reasons are usually much more pressing than not having a use anymore. After all, mobile home parks are adequate sources of income if you own land and rent it to tenants - and those who own the mobile homes may have lived on the lot for many years. So what are some of the reasons to sell?

Quick Cash

Selling a trailer park has never been easier. With our company, you can receive cash for your mobile home park and walk away with a sizeable amount of money in less than three months. The need for a fast sum of money can arise at any time, such as to finance a trip abroad or to pay off a different purchase. We have even bought mobile homes from individuals who chose to use the money to finance their daughter's wedding.

Divorce Settlement

Divorce Settlement
A divorce settlement can split your assets and require you to pay alimony and other forms of compensation to your ex-spouse. If you solely own a mobile park, you could elect to sell it to liquidate your assets or to provide leverage for a settlement.

Debt Relief

Bills may rack up from unforeseen circumstances, such as with medical expenses, car payments, child support, student loans, and more. A mobile home park may yield a sizeable chunk of money to cover the debts you owe, especially if you are unable to maintain long term investing and profitability from possessing the park. It may be in your best interest and the best interest of the tenants if you turn the park over, pay off your debts, and move on.


Relocation is a key reason that many trailer parks and mobile homes are sold. Finding a new job can require that you move elsewhere, and you may not find it fiscally worthwhile to transfer your mobile home - which can cost up to $3,000 to move. Many people have elected simply to sell the mobile home so another family or individual can live there.

Management Issues

Often times management can become an issue. Parks change ownership and tenants, which makes management an issue. If the management is not adequate a park can fall into disrepair and as a result lose profitability.

Many of the acquisitions we make are because of management issues. Our staff has experience and managerial skills to change the asset around.

Oxgord MHP is a real estate company that purchases trailer parks and mobile homes in the State of California.


Don’t use a retail site – call Oxgord instead. We will pay top dollar and in cash for your property.

Acquiring New Home

Often, mobile home owners will move elsewhere if they find a worthwhile deal. Sometimes, they simply relocate to another trailer within a park, and find it best to sell the old one. We can take these mobile homes off your hands for cash.

Park Troubles

The mobile home park has a supervisor who must take care of all the intricacies of the park, such as maintaining public property and water or sewer lines, establishing and enforcing rules, collecting rent (in some scenarios), and more. Sometimes, tenants butt heads with these people and find it insufferable to live there or to follow certain rules. Although extreme, the choice to sell the home and move elsewhere has occurred, and we have been there to provide sellers with cash for their properties.

Medical Troubles

An illness could take someone out of the mobile home for an extended period of time or it could incapacitate a mobile home park owner, preventing him from completing his duties to tenants. Individuals who have been extensively hospitalized or placed in assisted living would not be able to return to the mobile homes. Instead of paying rent for an unoccupied home, tenants have chosen to sell the homes and use the funds for various purposes, such as to cover medical bills, pay for professional live-in care, and more.

Death of Owner

You may have a parent who owned a trailer who passed away, leaving the property in probate, in a trust, or directly bequeathed to you. There may not be a way for you to use the property in a successful manner, such as by renting it or selling it to another individual, and it could be in your best interest to reach out to an established company like Oxgord to sell your home.

If you want to speak with a representative from Oxgord to discuss the options you have regarding selling your mobile home or park, call our offices today. We will give you all the relevant information you need to make an educated decision, and we will walk you through the details of the sale.


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