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Mobile Home Park Buyers in Seattle

For anyone who is interested in selling their mobile home parks in the Seattle area, our company, Oxgord MHP, can help. We know that many people do not want to go through the stresses and handle the responsibilities that come with owning a mobile home park, and we are here to take those burdens off your hands.

We are willing to purchase your park if it's located in Seattle or any nearby cities, such as Tacoma, Fall City, and Ashford.

Reasons to Sell Your Park

Over the years, we have encountered man individuals who want to sell their mobile home parks for a variety of reasons. They may be in debt and wish to pay off those expenses to hospitals or schools, for instance, or they may want to free up someone's credit. We have had many parents sell parks to finance their children's tuition, for example.

For Mobile Home Park Owners in in the Seattle area
Also, some individuals may want to liquidate their assets, especially with divorce proceedings or if they plan on retiring and moving. We facilitate this process by paying cash for all mobile home parks and close the sale quickly so you won't have to wait around for payments.

Finally, the burdens that come with owning a park can become draining. You have to worry about rent and upkeep, as well as the safety of the renters. Any wrongdoing on the property can ultimately reflect poorly on you. Even though it is a solid income stream, it may be in your best interests and satisfy your mind if you take a step back and let another party step in to handle all the issues that come with managing a mobile home park.

Oxgord's Benefits

At Oxgord MHP, we don't believe in charging exuberant fees or closing costs. We are fair to our clients and very flexible. We know it may take some time to get everything in order, and we'll patiently help you through the entire process of selling your park to us.

We offer top-dollar and competitive pricing for your park, and we'll always be willing to sit down and talk about the value with you. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be reached to answer your questions - no matter what they are.

If you are worried about the condition of the park or whether or not you'll be able to sell in time - don't be.

We're here to help.


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