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New Ownership for Trailer Parks in Portland

Portland has various lots occupied by mobile homes, but not every lot is properly cared for or owned by a diligent manager.

If you are in possession of a trailer park that you wish to sell, we can take it off your hands. You won’t have to go through the hassle that would usually come with selling property and housing on retail listings. Oxgord MHP is able to effectively buy your park with no wait and additional fees.

Debt Coverage

New Ownership for Trailer Parks in Portland You may have racked up debts from an accident or some other incident. You could owe a lot of money to debt collectors, hospitals, universities, and more. There are few ways of paying off these debts as quickly as by selling a trailer park for a large amount.

Of course, you may do some research and find that selling a trailer park is accompanied with many additional fees. If you list the lot on a retail website, you may have to pay a share of the final sale price to the website. If you have a broker handle the deal, you will have to pay a certain fee for his work. There may be fees that come with closing quickly or trying to procure money from a bank. Some individuals even try to take the legal route to force payment

With Oxgord, MHP, there are no additional or hidden fees. We do not have a broker cost and our closing fees are next to nonexistent.

Benefits of Selling a Trailer Park

The responsibilities that come with owning a trailer park may drive many people away. You have to collect rent, ensure that the roads and utilities are all up to date and properly maintained, and provide basic care for the park. Often, owners will let the park fall into a state of disrepair if they are negligent and do not have the drive to keep up with all the work.

It is in your best interest to sell a trailer park if you do not have the time to put into it. You’ll be able to pursue other goals and will be free from the worries that come with running a park.

A benefit of selling to Oxgord MHP specifically is the flexibility we offer. You may want to sell your mobile home park as quickly as possible to avoid having it targeted in a divorce settlement, or you may want to sell it in a year so you’ll be able to start paying for a child’s college tuition.

A Deal with Us

Oxgord MHP will provide you with no broker fees at all and flexible terms for your deal. We’ll walk through your park and will give you a fair offer; we pay top dollar for trailer parks and do not care what condition the park is in. We’ll purchase your park from you regardless of its state.

If you have questions about the process of selling your park, we will answer them for you. Our representatives can be reached at all hours of the day, seven ays a week – we won’t miss out on your call.


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