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California Mobile Home and RV Park for sale

If you are looking for California mobile home and RV parks for sale, you should consider all different avenues. You may find parks for sale in any number of places, from online listings to notices posted in your town hall. Some of the listings may be posted on behalf of owners by brokers, while others may be posted by the brokers themselves. No matter what the scenario, if you wish to make a purchase of a mobile home park or RV park in California, or if you want more information on selling your park, you can contact Oxgord MHP for more help. We can point you in the right direction and ensure that your sale is legal and fair.

Where to Find Parks for Sale

Where to Find Parks for SaleOne of the main questions we get asked is, "Where is the best place to find California Mobile Home and RV Parks for sale?" Truthfully, there are many options, and some are more apparent than others. For example, you may simply drive by a mobile home park and notice that there is a "For Sale by Owner" sign present at the entrance. You could feasibly call the number provided on the sign or go to the management location to inquire more about the asking price.

There is also the ability to find mobile home parks online. Some people have listed their parks on conventional forums, social media websites, and other areas, but there are specific locations that cater to the mobile home park crowd. These websites include:

  • LoopNet
  • MobileHomeParkStore
  • Crexi
  • BizQuest
  • RVProperty
  • CampgroundsForSale
  • FortuneRealEstate
  • MobileHomeParksForSale
  • ParkBrokerage

California Mobile Home and RV Park for saleYou can also take the route of calling parks, sending letters, or approaching owners at their locations to see if they are interested in selling. These methods are usually much more time-consuming and can result in no bites at all, but there are times when the owners may not have even given the idea of selling a second thought until you brought it up.

Another common option is hiring a mobile home park broker who can do all the work for you. A broker can examine listings, post sales, inquire about the condition of parks, come up with figures, and more. He may have a few properties that he is working on selling, and he may even be connected to a few buyers as is who are interested. You may have a checklist to adhere to, such a specific location and price range, and instead of doing all the searching yourself, a broker can simply present you with something that fits or closely matches your criteria.

If you want to get more information, call our company for help. We'll be able to give you all the details you need about purchasing mobile home parks and RV parks in California, and we can even help you with the buying or selling process.

Why Are Mobile Home Parks Popular to Buy?

Mobile home parks are popular to purchase for a few reasons. For one, no new parks are being created; the number has been set for some time, and the only way it alters is by decreasing, when enough tenants move out of a park and it gets turned into something new. As a result, it is worthwhile to own a park because of the limited availability.

Additionally, many people believe that mobile home parks function like apartment complexes, but this is not true. A mobile home park owner does not operate like a landlord does - tenants in apartments can contact the landlord if there are issues with the appliances, heating, plumbing, lawn, and more. They pay rent and can specifically request for these services to be rendered.

On the other hand, mobile home park owners rent out the lots, not the trailers or RVs. The mobile homes are generally owned by those who live inside them, and thus, they are completely responsible for everything inside their homes. This means that if there is an issue with the air conditioning or if they need a new fridge, they must pay out of pocket for their needs. You are not renting the home, so you are not responsible for its upkeep.

In fact, your main responsibilities with a mobile home park lie in preserving the safety of the park and ensuring all the common and public areas are up to date. For example, many mobile home parks have washing machines and dryers available in facilities for those who do not have them in their homes. It would be your job to ensure they are properly working and do not have any issues. You will also be held responsible for certain safety measures in the park, such as ensuring the streets and sidewalks are not cracked and broken or that there is enough lighting in the park.

Choosing Oxgord MHP

If you are interested in purchasing a mobile home park or RV park in California, you should contact our company, Oxgord MHP. We will give you all the details you need and help you along the right path to buying or selling a park. Our representatives are extremely helpful, and we have been involved in real estate for years. We are one of the premier businesses that focus on mobile home park acquisitions, and our varied services can be of great help to you no matter what role you want to take, whether it's a property owner, seller, or investor. Even if you simply want to dip your toe in real estate and want to figure out how to get started, we can help.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our company if you have any questions. Our team is available every single day - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We'll always be available to talk with you if you want to sell a mobile home park or RV park.

If you want more details on California mobile home and RV parks for sale, reach out to Oxgord MHP. We'll gladly assist you.


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