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Interested in Selling Your Mobile Home Park in Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the country, and there are numerous plots of land dedicated to mobile home parks. These trailer parks can house dozens of residents and mobile homes, but the downside is the amount of upkeep required to ensure the happiness and safety of everyone involved.
Selling Your Mobile Home Park in Chicago
If you have grown tired of maintaining a mobile home park in Chicago or its surrounding suburbs, contact Oxgord MHP for more assistance. We'll gladly buy your mobile home park from you and pay you in cash for the transaction.

Remove the Stress of Ownership

It can be a pain to ensure that all the mobile home owners pay rent on time, check all the roads to see that they are properly paved, examine potential hazards on common grounds, and keep everything in the park up to code. As you grow older, you may not want to dedicate as much time to everything that comes with owning a trailer park. As a result, you should look into selling - but not selling to just any buyer.

Our acquisitions team at Oxgord MHP has been involved in real estate and property acquisition for years. We offer competitive pricing and will work with you to come to a deal with is most beneficial too both parties.

One of our primary goals in acquiring a mobile home park is to keep all of the residents agreeable. We promise that you won't leave your park in unsafe hands.

Full Payment to You

If you wish to sell your mobile home park, there are numerous methods to doing so. You may go to a real estate agent or a broker to list your property, or you may post it online at a specific website that provides options for buyers to browse and message you if they are interested.

Both of these options feature middle men that facilitate the selling process. Of course, because of this service, they expect a cut of the final sale as a commission for helping you get rid of the property.

Our team does not have broker fees and we close quickly on all deals. We handle all aspects of the sale ourselves and do not want you to be hit with extra fees or have parts of your rightful payment divided and given away elsewhere. We will work with you one-on-one to hammer out the details of your sale and will pay top dollar for your park.

You may be in need of fast cash to pay off a debt or to pay off a loan. We can have your sale finalized within days - call Oxgord MHP for more help. Your mobile home park in Chicago can be sold as quickly as you need it to be.


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