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Do you own a mobile home park? When you purchased your mobile home park, you likely had many goals for the future that included your newly-purchased mobile home park. You might have purchased the park to secure a sustainable source of income for you and your family. You might have also purchased the park to provide your community with affordable living options. Regardless of the reason for your purchase, you were likely invested in your mobile home park and preserving it for many years. Unfortunately, things change. Our plans and life goals might go astray, or certain circumstances might force us to put our aspirations on hold temporarily or indefinitely.

You might have recently decided to sell your mobile home park. Whether you considered selling your mobile home park for many years or you made the decision abruptly, you might have many questions regarding the process. Who would want to buy your mobile home park? How could you sell your mobile home park? How could you receive a high offer for your property? What could you do to increase your chances of selling your mobile home park? How much will it cost you to pay the parties involved in the sale of your mobile home park for their services?

Without a doubt, even thinking about selling your mobile home park could result in sudden stress that could take a toll on anyone. This preliminary stress could be enough to keep many owners of mobile home parks from started the process of selling their properties. What if selling your mobile park home was not as difficult as believed to be? What if the process of selling your home was straightforward and hassle-free?
Do you own a mobile home park Oxgord MHP is a company that buys mobile home parks, facilitating the process of selling these popular properties. Our company is based in Los Angeles, but we purchase mobile homes and mobile home parks all over California. We have also purchased many properties in major cities outside of our state. Our acquisition company is dedicated to providing sellers with a convenient alternative to selling their mobile home parks the traditional way.

If you are interested in selling your mobile home park, you could benefit from contacting Oxgord MHP for more information. Our team of mobile home park experts will provide you with all the information necessary to ensure that you are familiar with the purpose of companies that buy mobile home parks and how you could benefit from selling your property to one of these companies. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

How These Companies Work

The majority of the acquisition companies dedicated to purchasing mobile homes and mobile parks buy properties wholesale. What does it mean to purchase a property wholesale? Before addressing properties being sold for wholesale, consider the traditional method of selling properties-retail. When a property is sold retail, there are multiple parties involved. The first thing many people do after deciding to sell their property is to contact an agent (realtor, brokers, real estate agent, etc.). This party will help you throughout the process of selling your property. In addition to an agent, a retail sale of your property is also likely to include a loan officer, mortgage lender, mortgage broker, loan servicer, inspector, appraiser, listing site, and title company, for example. All of the parties involved in retail sales of properties have specific tasks that are essential to selling a property; sellers must pay these parties to perform these tasks. These tasks are often considered as prerequisites to selling a property, for instance. Because so many parties are involved in the process of selling a property, the process could be lengthy and complex. In general, it could take many months to conclude the sale of a property-in addition to the parties mentioned above, the length of time it takes for a retail sale of a property can also be affected by the real estate market.

However, mobile home park buying companies do not purchase properties retail; they do so at wholesale. When selling a property wholesale, all the parties that were mentioned above are eliminated from the process. In other words, you (the seller) will work directly with the acquisition company (the buyer). How does this facilitate the process of selling a mobile home park? Without all the parties mentioned above involved in the process, the length of time it takes to complete the sale is significantly decreased. Because these additional parties are not involved in the process, the process is also significantly cheaper than a retail sale. In many cases, the seller has an outstanding loan that is equivalent to additional parties being involved in the sale process.

Companies that purchase mobile home parks fast are often willing to work with these additional parties to ensure that they can acquire the mobile home parks without difficulties. How long does the wholesale process take? How long could you expect to have to wait before you complete the sale of your mobile home park? The lack of additional parties and their lengthy processes ensures that the wholesale of your mobile home park is complete in as little as a week. Some sales are complex and require more than one week to finalize. However, even the most complex wholesales of mobile home parks are faster and more convenient than retail sales.

Although retail sales of property could benefit some parties, many parties-specifically the owners of mobile home parks that need cash fast-could find the wholesale of their property to be more beneficial, time-effective, and cost-effective. If you would like more information about how the companies that purchase mobile home parks work, we encourage you to contact our company as soon as possible for the answers that you need.

How Our Company Works

Although we cannot provide you with an in-depth review of how all mobile home park acquisition companies function, we can provide you with a review of how Oxgord MHP functions. Our company buys mobile homes for cash. We know that you decided to sell your mobile home park under strenuous circumstances; therefore, we are dedicated to making the process as simple as possible. The process of selling your mobile home park to Oxgord MHP consists of the following steps:

  1. 1. You contact our company. You must contact our company if you are interested in selling your mobile home park. You must provide us with a brief description of your mobile home park. You could also provide us with a few photographs of your park.
  2. 2. We evaluate your property. With the description and the photographs that you provide, our experts evaluate your property. This is an initial evaluation.
  3. 3. We respond to you with an offer. After using the information that you provided us, our mobile home park experts will provide you with a preliminary offer. This preliminary offer will be a range with the minimum and maximum offer based solely on the initial evaluation of your property. Later in the process, the range is likely to fluctuate until reaching a final offer.
  4. 4. We visit your property. If you decide to continue the process after receiving our preliminary offer, our mobile home park experts will contact you to set an appointment to visit your property. During the visit, you will see our representatives observing your property and taking notes. Our experts will continue to evaluate your property during the visit. Often, visits result in changes to the preliminary offers.
  5. 5. We make an agreement. Our team will contact you once again to arrange a meeting to make and sign the agreement. When you sign the agreement, you will receive a down payment.
  6. 6. We close the sale. When we close the sale of your mobile home park, you will receive the remaining cash for your property.

As you can see, our process is simple and straightforward. If you would like to learn more about our process or about the processes of other companies that can buy mobile home park for cash, you must contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with all the information that you need to gain a better understanding of the companies that buy mobile home parks.

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If you would like to learn more about selling your mobile home park to a company that is ready to buy it cash, you must contact Oxgord MHP at your earliest convenience. Our company has many years of experience buying mobile home parks in California. Although our company is established and focused in California mobile home park acquisitions, we also have a history of purchasing mobile home parks in major cities throughout other U.S. states. If you are ready to sell your mobile home park to Oxgord MHP, you must contact us today. Our company will ensure that the sale is completed quickly and that you receive the cash that is rightfully yours. Contact us today.

Benefits of Choosing Us

In addition to the lack of broker fees and the quick cash you'll receive, we also offer flexible terms and conditions for our sales. We know that you may not be able to sell your property immediately or you might need time to move out if you live on the property. We are businessmen, but we're empathetic and understanding - we'll always try to work with our clients and will figure out the best way to handle a situation, no matter what it is.

We are also constantly available for you to contact. We know that the process of selling a trailer park can be arduous and confusing, and we believe that being available for you at any time is crucial to our relationship. We're willing to answer your questions any time of day or night, any day of the week, no matter how simple or complex the concern.

Even if you only have a question about the estimated value of your property, we'll talk with you and help you figure out if the best choice is to sell.

To get started on selling your mobile home park in Orange County, get in touch with our representatives at Oxgord MHP.


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